Melody of Orientation

Friday, June 19, 2009 at 3:30 AM

I had been sick since past 3 days and I never been so sick for such a long time. I been feeling dizzy for most of the time; feeling hungry but just won't have the appetite to eat; feeling tired but just won't able to fall asleep. Maybe the cause of all this sickness is due the feeling of emptyness after the orientation, knowing that all of the moments can only live in my memories and my heart.

I was very down and sad because I can't join my friends for internship at June, hated myself because I screwed up my life. However, when 1 door closes, 1 more door will opens. I get to join orientation for the last time in my university life and I decided to go for it. At first, I was quite reluctant to join because some of my closest friends are not joining due to internship, but I told myself, "What the heck, just join for the last time, or I will regret for the rest of my life for giving up this opportunity." So there it goes, the beginning of the most wonderful 2 weeks of 2009 after being a rubbish for the past 6 months.

When the binding camp started, I saw a lot of new faces around and only a few of familiar faces that who had been through tears and joys with me, and that fact calmed my heart down, at least I know, I am not alone. I can't join most of the module of the game, because most of the time I have to help out with the module, and only God knows how much I want to be among them, go through the modules with my groupmates. But life is truly about give and take, I had those fun before and I guess it my responsibilty to make sure the new OCS to feel the fun too. Yet, I still wish I can join them, LOL =)

Till one night, some incident that happened reminded me why I want to join the orientation again, it's my PASSION for heaven sake. I just couldn't take it when people do not appreciate the meaning of becoming an OC. I was rage, I was mad, and I stood up and said what I feel, tears was in my eyes and the passion is burning in my heart. Chee Wei was there and he did the same, until now, I still can feel the emotions that we shared that night; and yes, the fire is still burning inside me. That night end with the "Those where days", "Permata Dunia", "Fikirkan Boleh", "Butterfly Dance", and "OC Cheers". I can tell you, that night was the one of the most memorable and fun night which shall live in my heart forever, nothing, nothing can ever take away from me.

Through the binding camps, I get to know a lot of friends that from different background and culture. "There is no strangers in this world, there is only friends that haven't meet", this saying is kinda true huh? From the module Journey of Life (Blind Fold), MTV Dance, Simulation, Night Hunt, water pouring session, every bit of them is so memorable and unforgivable and throughout the process, from friends, we become family, like brother, like sister, and everyone of us trying to have fun to the max and we just can't shut the fuck up. =)

Then it came to the OC Installation, which I thought I will be placed in the mobile oc again. I was shocked when I got into the Special Task Division and stunned to know that I became the head of the division too. I have no idea what Special Task do, and I have to lead the team, I was basically stressed out to the max, but thank God to some ex-OCs who give me guidance especially Nicky, Chee Wei, Juin and Alvin.

I can't sleep before the orientation, just to plan what to do tomorrow, and what to say on the stage. For your information, I never never talk infront of 500 people in my entire life and I never imagine I will be given chance to do that. I was so down in the first day, when I don't get the response from the freshies and I felt so horrible, I almost gave up. Chee Wei, Tharan, Hari were there to cheer me up, telling me to try even harder, without their support, I think I can't do this.

During the opening ceremony, the freshies sing so well, they basically blow the mind of the staff who attended the opening ceremony, at that moment, I was so proud, so proud of the freshies. No doubt, they are the best freshies I ever seen. And through out the orientation, everything goes so well, because every single OCs give in their best. From Freshies Song, Permata Dunia, Numa Numa Dance, Chicken Dance, Chicke Cha, Butterfly Dance, Massage Session, Night Hunt, Performance Night, everyone of us, enjoy every bits of them. We sing, we dance, we have great fun.

Till the last day of the orientation, I was so sad knowing that everything gonna be over soon. Knowing that, it will be the last time I can be on the stage, and seeing the freshies do all the great things, I just tell myself, just enjoy every single seconds here as we can't turn back time. When I heard they sing Permata Dunia so passionately, tears dropped from eyes, I am so happy to see their spirit and I am sad because it will be the last time I can see that happened. We had a wonderful sharing session, and we end the orientation with Numa Numa Dance, and that marks the end of the orientation, 2 weeks of sleepless night, 2 weeks of endless joys and tears.

I want to dedicated my highest appreciation to everyone of you, who make it happened, without anyone of you, it won’t be sucessful, without anyone of you, we can’t have the fun the we had, without anyone of you, the joys that this orientation brought will be meaningless, thank you, thank you so much for being there with me. May the passion live in you.

It's a cold and nasty world out there, there's ain't sunshine to brighten you up, there's ain't rainbow to cheer you up. It's so mean that you will got beaten up if you are not strong enough. But, with the passion in our heart, yes, we will get there.

With tons of love,

Steve Muthu


  1. Kumar Says:

    Lovely narration STEVE MUTHU... The best ever moment of my life.. oh GOD.. i started to miss the days again. HUGS and KISSES to of you guys...

    The days have past.... but the memories will be there forever till the last breath...


  2. izzahmeor Says:

    those were the days...
    that i'll never forget...

  3. u make me passion about be a OC.those were the day but i will never forget it.u did a excellent job as MC, i was surprise it was your first time because you look so natural at stage.
    the passion will never die,
    u maybe a ex-oc but u already give the new-oc passion to continue the oc spirit, hope i can do the same next year.

  4. thatz d melody in every heart of d oc, n u came out wif d words steve muthu....
    those 2 weeks, iz a gift, thank god i din't miss my oppurtunity to be part of this fabulous magical family

  5. lik Says:

    you really gave us lots of fun
    and you're really funny on stage too
    all the best mate!

  6. hema Says:

    hie steve muthu...its reli nice to read ur happy for you steve at last u found the passion tht u want to instill in all of the freshies heart... n u know what...u managed to do it...

    i am very sure..all of us did enjoy tis camp the most includin freshies...
    u really did a god job steve....
    lucky to work together with all of you all...

    get well soon steve...:)


  7. KAREN LAU Says:

    may you be well and happy
    may all your passion dissolve and pass down to the next and future freshies public.
    When you feel like doing something. Never think twice just do it! Guess now you have no more regret but memories leave.
    Best wishes and speed recovery.

  8. winter Says:

    muthu . . . frankly speaking, i'm really really proud of u . . from stranger. . we become friend, and i guess we r closer than a normal friend. . whenever i c ur tears rolling down ur chicks, i juz cant resist myself frm putting my arms around ur shoulder. . i really really amazed and adore the way u lead us. . . u r such a passionate guy i've ever met in MMU . . . the oc dat speak words out and burn my spirit! i'm so sick yet u burn my spirit on dat night itself. . i really appreciate u . . this r words frm the bottom of my heart . . i really hope we hv the chance to go class together . . eating and sharing the joy n laughter together even the tears n sorrow. . but i dun hv the chance anymore . . i'm so regret i never really spend my time wif u . . i gonna miss u steve . . T.T lurve ya bro . .

  9. Steve Says:

    Kumar: Yeah, indeed the best moment in my life too. Hope you'll be fine with ur internship.

    Izzah: Yup yup yup, those were the days. Hope everything goes well with u.

    Danial: Thanks for the compliment. I hope you will join oc again next year and show to the new oc what is passion, u can do it danial.

    Adai: My sister with the annoying voice :P Faster come back cyber and join the family!

    Lik: I hope u can find peace, love and new family in this university. All the best for your studies.

    Hema: Without anyone of u, the passion will be long gone, I have to say thanks to everyone of you.Join back orientation okay! BTW, where have u been?

    Karen: Thanks for the word of advice, I keep in my heart. Hope you can join oc too next year.

    Winter: A guy who been through a lot with me, I love u man winter, every moment we spent together, is the moment i treasure. We are more than friends, we are bro for life! All the best for ur future undertaking and glad u found ur summer xD

  10. xenac Says:

    steve menjiwang. again. woits old story d la. faster post another one. dump me for summer huh? Ok lo.. what to do, i know i "san choi" not so nice. Lol.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    wont forget the orientation week in my life...1 of d sweetest memory tat i ever had....(freshies tat nt a freshies anymor :( )

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